Visa Versa Entertainment certainly goes down as Syracuse's best DJ in our book. The music, the lighting and the compassion for what you do was recognized. Thanks again!

Brian & Lindsay Koscielniak

December 9, 2016

Lighting Services | Frequently asked questions

  • Do you have lighting pricing or packages online?

    We wish there was a way to put pricing for lighting on our website, just like we do for our other services. It's not a matter of hiding our pricing, it's just that lighting can be customized in so many ways that it's impossible to have any packages that would be universally applicable.

    A small ballroom may look fantastic, with key areas highlighted and nice symmetry with as little as 10 light fixtures. Another large ballroom with distinct columns, windows, or other elements that should all be lit to look balanced could use 50 light fixtures or more. It's rare, but we've had events that have used over 100 up light fixtures.

    Often in those larger spaces you have a few different options that will work well, allowing you to prioritize what's important to you. You may want the fullest coverage possible, or balance the amount of coverage with the cost to strike the best balance while staying on budget. So even within the same ballroom you could have different options.

    We recently noticed companies with a flat fee of as much as $900 for entire room uplighting. If you are in a huge space and want 50 or more uplight fixtures, assuming this fee allows for unlimited fixtures it may be a great deal. Most venues have really full coverage with 16 or less uplights, and if you're in one of those venues you're paying a huge premium to subsidize those clients who occasionally use 50 or more.

    That's only referring to uplighting. It can get even more complicated when you start considering pin spots, spot lighting, gobo projectors, etc. Some of these effects aren't even possible in certain spaces, and in others it may be possible using a rented scissor lift to reach high ceilings. Obviously if a lift has to be rented and delivered, it will cost significantly more for pin spots than when a small step ladder is adequate.

    With all this said, our rates for lighting are very competitive. Once we know your venue we can often provide a floor plan with a few common lighting plans, and it may be as simple as going with one of those. We're happy to customize and adjust as needed to meet your specific needs, so you're only paying for what you want and need.

  • I'm interested in your DJ Service, Lighting & Photo booth. Is there a discounted package price?

    We provide a discount when booking both DJ & Photo Booth services because we can consolidate transportation and setup. We also waive any minimums for decor lighting if it is booked with either our DJ Service or Photo Booth for the same reason.

    Should you require sound & music services for your ceremomy, we provide a comprehensive ceremony package at a cost that's less than what you could rent the equipment for at any rental house. That's only availble to our entertainment clients.

  • We have another dj or band for our wedding, can we hire you for lighting?

    We provide lighting to events with other entertainment providers, but there will be a minimum order required. When we're providing lighting enhancements at events that we're already working for, we can offer very attractive pricing with no minimums. Usually when we're providing lighting at events with other entertainment, it is a wedding with a band and the lighting requirements are extraordinary. We'll handle everything from stage lighting the band and dance floor to uplighting the room and pin spotting all floral arrangements.

    We will usually take on events with smaller lighting requirements in venues that are right in the immediate Syracuse area.  If we can coordinate delivery, setup, and removal with the venue we're happy to accommodate. We shy away from taking events with small lighting requirements if they are outside of Syracuse.