Working with Visa Versa was great!! They helped make the wedding a fantastic party by keeping people on the dance floor the whole night, working with me on lighting, and providing one of the guest's highlights- the photo booth. It is silly to go with anyone else. They were amazing!

Jason & Carolyn George

July 23, 2016

Photo Booths | Frequently asked questions

  • Can you customize our photo strip with our names or event information?

    We can customize the entire photo strip to your liking, and not just change the information on the bottom.  We make overlays in Photoshop, and have full control to change every aspect of the design. Check out the examples of past photo strips in the gallery on our Videos & Photos page. 

  • Do we get a disc or thumb drive with the images from the booth?

    We do something that is even better than handing you a disc or drive. We put all of the photos from your wedding onto a website right after the event. (Typically within 24-48 hours) You can have the passphrase to access the images printed right on the strips, giving all of your guests immediate access to view and download the images for free.

    Our booths take stunning high resolution images. When you go online there is a gallery with the photo strips, and a gallery with all of the individual full size images. The full size images are great because you can print out large format photos, include them in your wedding album, or anything else you'd like.

  • Do you provide a scrapbook for the photo strips?

    If you would like a scrapbook we can provide one with all of the necessary pen and glue sticks for an additional charge, or you can provide your own.

    Scrapbooks have decreased in popularity over the past few years. They were once a given when there was a photo booth, but now the majority of our clients opt out. Many couples wanted to have either a scrapbook or simply one of the two prints withheld, so that they'd get to see all of the photos. Now that we put everything online, and they can be downloaded for free and printed inexpensively at home or at the store, most people let guests keep both strips.

    We're happy to accommodate either way, but our recommendation would be to skip on the scrapbook in most cases. We like to see people move quickly through the photo booth, have a lot of fun, but get right back to the party.  The scrapbook becomes a bottleneck that keeps people waiting in line more often than not. If it is a priority for you to have one, make sure to have a long table setup by the venue where people can work on more than one page at a time.  That way the whole group isn't held up by one person deliberating over the perfect comment to write next to their photos.

  • Do your booths provide instant prints?

    Our booths print two identical photo strips for each session, and they drop into a slot on the side of the booth about 15 seconds after the last shot was taken for that session. They are already precut and ready to grab and go, just like an old fashioned booth. We only use professional dye sub printers, so when the prints come out they are completely cured and ready to handle. Some budget companies use inexpensive inkjet printers, which produce photos that can smudge if they are handled before drying.

  • I'm interested in your DJ Service, Lighting & Photo booth. Is there a discounted package price?

    We provide a discount when booking both DJ & Photo Booth services because we can consolidate transportation and setup. We also waive any minimums for decor lighting if it is booked with either our DJ Service or Photo Booth for the same reason.

    Should you require sound & music services for your ceremomy, we provide a comprehensive ceremony package at a cost that's less than what you could rent the equipment for at any rental house. That's only availble to our entertainment clients.