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Justin & Gabrielle Renfrew

September 10th, 2016

Ceremonies | Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you provide ceremony sound if you are not our DJ?

    Based on scheduling and availability we can provide sound for your ceremony if we are not your entertainment provider.  When we provide this service, we cannot offer our $400 full service ceremony package. We do this for our entertainment clients when the ceremony is on site because it's a win-win for our clients and us.

  • I'm interested in your DJ Service, Lighting & Photo booth. Is there a discounted package price?

    We provide a discount when booking both DJ & Photo Booth services because we can consolidate transportation and setup. We also waive any minimums for decor lighting if it is booked with either our DJ Service or Photo Booth for the same reason.

    Should you require sound & music services for your ceremomy, we provide a comprehensive ceremony package at a cost that's less than what you could rent the equipment for at any rental house. That's only availble to our entertainment clients.

  • There are other DJs who do the ceremony for free, why is it extra?

    There are dj companies that will point a speaker out of a window and blast ceremony music across a lawn. There are even venues who tell us to go this route, because "It's what all the other djs do." That's one extreme, and likely most companies provide something that falls somewhere between that and what we do.

    Our niche is in providing discerning clients with exceptional products and services. Your voices should not be broadcast from a speaker that may be behind your guests. Your vows shouldn't be remembered because of distracting wind noise or signal drop outs, your faces should not be obstructed by a large hand held mic.

    We provide all of the best tools and expertise to make sure your ceremony is remembered for all of the right reasons. We take your ceremony seriously, and we provide a tremendous value compared to companies that treat it like an after thought to your reception.