The entire night there wasn't a moment where people weren't on the dance floor thanks to their amazing playlist.

Brian & Mandi Lynn Jessie

January 21, 2017

Wedding Reception Entertainment | Frequently asked questions

  • Can we decide what music is played at our reception?

    Absolutely. Most couples will provide a request list and a do not play list, some just give us broad instructions as to the genres they prefer, and others will provide an extensive music list for the evening.

    We recommend doing whatever you are most comfortable with and we'll honor your choices.  Weddings are unique in that there is such a diverse group of people to please.  In most cases it's best to leave us flexibility to work with the crowd, but above all it is your wedding and making you happy is our top priority.

  • Can we see you perform at another event?

    Unfortunately, unless you're an invited guest at another wedding where we'll be performing this won't be possible.  Each of the weddings that we perform at are private events for the couple's friends and family.  We respect that privacy, and don't invite prospective clients to "peek in."

    Even if this were possible it wouldn't be the best way to learn about our services.  We tailor our services to each specific event, so evaluating someone else's reception may not be a good representation of what we would do for you.  The best way to get a feel for our company, and decide if we're the best fit for you is through a personal consultation.  If you don't live locally we can replace that with a phone consultation.

  • Do you have backup equipment?

    We have backup equipment at every event. We offer a money back guarantee that you won't find in many other company agreements. If there is an equipment problem we guarantee to have it corrected within 10 minutes; if not we give you $25/minute for every minute the system is down up to a full refund.

    At many venues we have our backup in the truck, because it would be easily accessible in the rare instance we'd ever need it. At certain venues where it's time consuming to laod in, such as the Hotel Syracuse, we bring our backup equipment into the ballroom every time.

  • Do you offer a discount for Friday or Sunday events?

    Due to the high demand for our services, and our limited capacity of handling two events on any given day we have discontinued offering discounts for Friday or Sunday receptions.

  • Do you offer ceremony music and sound services?

    Not only can we help you with music playback for your ceremony, but we provide specialized microphones and signal processors as part of our dedicated ceremony systems that ensure your guests can hear everything without having to see a bunch of gear.

    Check out our ceremonies section of the site for full details of what we offer.

  • How much do you charge to DJ a wedding?

    We have all of our package and pricing information on our website.  It's often missed because people are used to companies making you jump through hoops to get a quote.  Some companies even insist on a consultation before they'll tell you how much they charge.

    Great entertainment and coordination should be looked at as an investment.  Many other aspects of a wedding reception are isolated, meaning if they are remarkably good or bad they don't affect much else.  Your entertainment however, will have an impact on nearly everything else.

    Whether it's the music being played, the way that the master of ceremonies appears and speaks, or the timing and coordination of the evenings events. Much of how your reception will be remembered rests in the hands of the band or disc jockey that you hire.  In that respect, we think that Investment is the most appropriate term for the money that you spend on entertainment.

    Whether you choose Visa Versa Entertainment or another highly capable and respected company, pricing will be higher than for your typical weekend warrior DJ Service.  A small premium for extraordinary service before and at your wedding.

  • I'm interested in your DJ Service, Lighting & Photo booth. Is there a discounted package price?

    We provide a discount when booking both DJ & Photo Booth services because we can consolidate transportation and setup. We also waive any minimums for decor lighting if it is booked with either our DJ Service or Photo Booth for the same reason.

    Should you require sound & music services for your ceremomy, we provide a comprehensive ceremony package at a cost that's less than what you could rent the equipment for at any rental house. That's only availble to our entertainment clients.

  • What if you don't have a song we want in your library?

    Not having a song is really a non-issue now that we all have access to nearly everything with the major online music services. With that said, we still get asked this a lot. If there is anything that is not already in our extensive music library we will buy it.

    In the rare instance that you have a song request and it is not readily available we'll work with you to make sure we have it prior to your event. We  have the ability to download music at any venue with wireless coverage, but we never count on this for anything important.  All of your special dances and requests will be on our systems before leave our office.

  • Will there be one or two DJs at our wedding? Do I need two?

    We have three talented DJs that provide consistent services to all of our clients.  For most events our DJs work by themselves, but may bring an assistant in situations where we're using a larger system, lighting, or any other factor will make an extra set of hands helpful.

    Some companies emphasize that they have a two person team, and depending on how they operate it might be important for them.  For example, if a company is using CDs and has to manually load and cue up the next song to be played.  In this instance they may need one person to focus on loading music so the other is free to focus on announcements.

    For us or any other companies using modern tools to do their job; one skilled person can handle everything with ease.